Els Banys Àrabs de Girona

The Arab Baths, in the old town of Girona, retain the same structure since its creation, in the twelfth century. Visitors can see the rooms and know the difference about the Caldarium , the Frigidarium , the Apodyterium etc. The utility of these areas was not too far from areas that can be found today in a spa.

The bathrooms are Christian and Romanesque and are known as the Arab baths to mimic the structure of Muslims baths. It was built in the late twelfth century at the request of King Alfons el Cast.

The structure suffered during the siege of the French in the thirteenth century so they had to rebuild it until the XIV  and were used as public baths until the XVIII century. Then the baths passed to Capuchins and recovered for public use in 1929.

The bathrooms are located in the center of the Old Town of Girona and are among the Basilica of St. Felix and the wall, in addition next to the Cathedral of Girona. The rivers , which are the protagonists of Girona, enclose the baths: Galligants in the north and in west, Onyar.

The apartments and studios of Girorooms are in the old quarter of Girona, three minutes from the Arab Baths Girona.

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