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The Centre de Visitants del Gironès gives you the opportunity to meet the region of Girona in an educational and interactive way. Buy your tickets with 15 % discount!

It is a place where you can experience different sensations with a proposal that combines a tour with on-demandmultimedia information where you can choose what you want to know.

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The Centre de Visitants del Gironès provides information from three centers: heritage, characters and life stories.
Heritage, both natural, cultural and intangible, of the region is very extensive. Life histories refer to the evolution of the region since this was built between city and countryside, making Girona the center of services.

System's center allows visitors to select content of interest through a digital card, prepared with a picture. This card  allows you to choose which item of interest, and save the information. Finally, the center sent to your email so that you can visit in person the favorite sites.

Always with the aim of enhancing the product kilometer 0, the center has a shop space where various local products such as honey of Cassa de la Selva, ecological jams of Bordils, Moska beer of Sarria de Ter, etc. In addition there are also products like handmade pottery.

The space has a series of activities and educational workshops so that participants can learn aspects of the heritage of the region, working various dimensions such as historical, economic and artistic; convey experiences related crafts, etc.

The center also acts as a local tourist office and will inform you of the main areas of interest.

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