Girona cultural city

Girona is a historical city where allow discover more than 2000 years of history. A city full of culture, art and events.

Here there are some of the most important and destacable places of the city.

Jewish Quarter:

Is one of the best conserved in Europe. In this area there are some Sinagoga to visit and one of them rebuilt with the Jewish History Museum.

Walk across their streets it's an amazing experience and can transport in ancient period. There is a walked tour where to emotion and learning are the principals points.


The Walls:

Had been built in the Medieval epoque and there are one of the most extensive of Europe. Walking across the walls it's an amazing experience and there are a good points to see the sightseeing of the city.


The Arabian Baths:

The structure and some architectural elements may remember the arabian baths, but in fact this is a romanesque construction of the XIIth century.

Girona, a great city to visit! 

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