Girona has 6 museums where explains the culture, history, art, culture, territori. With these museums there are many activities by all the public during all the year.

The Gironamuseus card is an oportunity if you want vist museums. With this card only has to pay 100% of one museum entrance and all the museums has a 50% off. The card has 6 months period.

The card museums are:

Museum of Archaelogy: Situated an emblematic place like the Sant Pere de Galligants monastery, where there could discover a great archaeological value and one of the most outstanding examples of Catalan Romanesque where you can discover the earliest history of humankind -from the Palaeolithic

Art Museum: Inside the historic Episciopal palace, there is the museum where there are a big colection of catalan art.

History Museum: Situated in the Caputxi friars, s. XVIII, where conserves surprising features from that time, such as a cistern and a desiccation cemetery.

Jewish Museum: The museum, located in the same space as the last synagogue of Girona (1492), tells the story of the Jewish communities of medieval Catalonia.

Museu of Cinema: Knowing and Live the image movement across diferent historical periods. Is a ludic colection, interactive and atractive by all the costumers.

Casa Masó: Is the house of Rafael Masó was born and important by their architecture. There is the only house river Onyar open to the public.

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