The Valley of Saint Daniel

One of the most important open spaces and beautiful Girona Sant Daniel Valley and its magnificent Romanesque monastery 1,000 years old

Before having this name, the valley had received other designations: dark Valley and shadows valley names related to its dense vegetation and hills towards its close surrounding. It was precisely the arrival of the body of St. Daniel the year 888 after his martyrdom that he did change his name to the town today.

The valley

This valley is characterized by a large green spot near the city of Girona is full of vegetation and natural water sources. It can be accessed on foot from the church of St. Peter Galligants where the tomb of St. Daniel (s. Century) and the cloister of the monastery (XII-XV), both recommended to visit to appreciate the purest Romanesque art.

Sant Daniel Valley is east of the city of Girona and occupies an area of ​​approximately 768 ha. It is bordered to the north by the mountain of Montjuic and Campdorà and east by mountains northwest of Gavarras, which is the natural end of the valley. It is located where the River Galligants that forms in the same valley for the abundance of rivers and streams there.

The houses

Between the thirteenth and fifteenth make most farms can still be found today in the valley. From the fifteenth century, the most important are consolidated Valley: Pine farmhouse, farmhouse Dams farmhouse Miralles, the Tower of Roses and Can Llinas.

The continuous wars (War of the Reapers, 1640-1659, and the War of the Spanish Succession, 1702-1714) represent a reversal of agriculture, which involve abandoning the field by the inhabitants of the valley farms . However, the recovery will not wait and rebuilt the house Miralles Free mas, mas Mas POATS and Walnut. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the Great War and the French War depleted much agriculture in the valley.

The sources

The valley has abundant natural springs, which gush mineralized shallow water. Note the source Pericot, which is the oldest in the valley until the eighteenth century had called Roman font.

Also in the spring of Milestone, the Bishop, the Lions are areas recommended visiting, and Iron, unlike the others, the water that flows has a strong metallic taste and is recommended as treatment in cases of anemia.

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