Vies Verdes in Salt

Girona there is a historical and cultural place but moreover there are many natural sightseeing. Vies Verdes there is a route, really close Girona city where can discover a natural paisage and live with nature with all its explendor.


This route starts in Salt, this is a city totally close from Girona city. In this city you could discover a wetland, this is a place where the river Ter once passed.

In this place, every year the land is flooded and become a wetland. This are usefull by many birds and mammals.
In this place also there is a poplar forest and is the starting point of this route.

The route is going by the following places:

1. Bassa dels Ànecs. (duck pond)
2. Embarcador. (jetty)
3. Bassa de les Cigonyes. (stalk pond)
4. Pla dels Socs. (plain)
5. Safareig de les dones. (the washhouses)

Here you can see some photographies and places to visit during this route. Enjoy the walk!


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