Christmas Markets and Fairs

In many places in Girona and Costa Brava there are Christmas markets with all the necessary products to complement this magical time of year

If you want to decorate your Christmas eve with everything necessary, come to Christmas markets and fairs. In many localities find markets held on different dates, known as the Barcelona Fira de Santa Llucia (13 desmbre) or the Christmas Market in Girona in Independence Square (from November 30 to January 5).

Girona Christmas market is a fair and Christmas crafts artists and producers in the province. At the stops, you will find all kinds of items typical Christmas: gifts, crafts, flowers, figures for the manger, fir, lights, decorations, candy, nougat, etc.

When you visit any of the fairs, there are plenty of stalls to buy the crib figurines, home to represent the scene of the birth of the Messiah. Around the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph -emparats an ox and a mula- are shepherds and their flocks, the three Kings of Orient and other characters. In Catalonia, it also sets the classic caganer, a pastor discreetly hidden in a corner for their needs, they say that on behalf of ordinary people and the ironic Catalans. We also amazed diversity Caganers sale, not only shepherds, but politicians, artists, athletes and other celebrities.

You'll also find the tió, the Yule log that shit candy cane strokes to children, and all kinds of Christmas decorations typically as candles, holly and mistletoe, wreaths, ribbons lights and other elements imported traditions, such as Christmas tree.

If you like sweets, you'll find delicious temptations in the form of traditional nougat, marzipan figures and wafers, which are accompanied by really good wines and liqueurs made at home.

Source: Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava

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