Easter and processions

This year the Easter celebrations begin in early April and will be filled with processions throughout Catalonia as a reminder of one of the most important passages of Catholicism

Easter is lived intensely in the region. Many people celebrate holidays very experienced by residents, all of religious origin, and some turned into Heritage Celebrations of National Interest for its historical and cultural significance, such as the Via Crucis of Sant Hilari Sacalm.

In Girona you can also enjoy a celebration of which we have news from the mid-eighteenth century. By Holy Wednesday and Good Friday, Roman soldiers march solemnly called "Manaies" hitting the ground with the spear, accompanied by music. The legendary origin of this tradition refers to the night of Jesus' death, when Pontius Pilate sent a legionary garrison to check if the Messiah had risen.

A religious procession is a walk of a sacred icon to a town or to a relevant site, such as a sanctuary or chapel. The walk allows the participation of the faithful. Currently have survived with different fortunes in various parts of the world. If some are especially known religious processions in Spain are very common Easter, but also beyond.

On Easter grouped into different groups involved fraternities recognised by the Church. Thus, the brothers take to the streets with their fraternities accompanying the passage of a Christ or a Virgin attached to a passage from the Passion of Jesus. The members perform penance wearing robes stations: Nazarenes are penitents.

In our country rests on a rich tradition of religious celebrations that take strength during this time. We recommend both believers and non-believers attend to contemplate them to enjoy the atmosphere, history and beauty.


Source: Tourism Costa Brava

Image: DDG

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