Fires de Girona are already here!

This year, the legendary Fires de Girona come holding hands in autumn, the smell of chestnuts, the lights of the rides and the desire of Holidays!

Fires of St. Narcís, the Festival of Girona, comes with a program full of news from 24 October to 2 November 2014. 

For those who already know it, you know, represent the most special days and loved the city, stirring life with the amount of activities that flood Gerona these days. For those who do not know what they are, do not hesitate to visit us in real time over the city.

This year has presented a full program of activities for all ages: concerts, fireworks, family activities, open houses, food stalls, photograph contests and the famous "barraques" in La Copa place.

In terms of music, there will be more than thirty shows with a headliner considered one of the best techno DJ in the world, American Jeff Mills. In other concert we hear the voices of Chambao Hotel Cochambre, or Txarango Silvia Perez Cruz, among many others.

This year will be hard to choose! Do not miss the Fires of Saint Narcís 2014!

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