Milestone Project 2016 Girona

From 9 to 17 September in Girona enjoys a new edition of the active urban art Milestone Project

Urban space is a space for public debate where everyone can have their say and where everyone can find their own way of expressing themselves. A Milestone Project and to discuss how it is seen and how this space can become an urban nature on canvas to capture the everyday life and culture of the city.

art urbà en creixement

Milestone meaning in English is "turning point" and "point of contact". Milestone working to give a new approach that connects culture and society using culture and thought as a tool for social renewal.

espais urbans i art urbà a girona

The Girona and visitors often stumble upon great works of urban art who do not know where they emerged. But the answer is always good: give new life and color to gray and decaying urban landscape. A new thought on hardware issues or unusual questions while living your everyday normal. Interesting right?

art urbà milestone 2016

Enjoy up to 17 September this experience Milestone in September 2016 in Girona, art is alive! In this edition 2016 Milestone will find different places where to observe live art: artists Nano 4814 (street Pierre Vilar, 3) Anna Taratiel (Carrer Pic de Peguera, 15) Luce (Avinguda de França, 155) Nuria Mora and Eltono (street Esport 4 in Ribes Ter) Spy (Plaça de Catalunya, 15) Pelucas (street Esport, fourth on the banks of the River Ter) and 3TTMan (shares through in the streets of the city).

Other artists who have already participated are: 108, Cyop Kaf, Interesni Kazki, Ome & Nadie, Blu, Boris Hoppek, Moneyless, Quelic, Sam3, Erica Il Cane, Lucy Mclauglhan, Vihls, Agostino Iacurci, Escif i Momo.

Do you need a location in Girona? look at this!

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