Temporada Alta starts

Temporada Alta is the festival of performing arts that fill music and theater performances and Salt Girona during the months of October, November and December.

This October you can enjoy the first theater, dance, circus and music in Temporada Alta 2014. During this first month, you can see live artists like Vetusta Morla, Els amics de les arts and Silvia Perez Cruz, see Macbeth as representations or Tournament Catalan Drama shows and laugh with Bits of El Tricicle.

Temporada Alta has become a landmark event in the European art scene and has won industry recognition, the public and the press, which he described as "the best festival in Spain" . They offer a full program of most various genres for different audiences and offer an accurate parallel activities. An appointment must for lovers of the performing arts.

In Girorooms we have prepared accommodation packages that include one night's accommodation (15% on the usual price) and tickets for the show you choose.

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