Three Wise Men Procession

During Wise Men night we celebrate the traditional procession where children will see the Three Wise Men arrival giving sweets for everyone!

On Monday 5th will be the Procession of the Three Wise Men of Girona, a Christmas tradition from Spain.

During the Wise Men Night (January 5 to 6), is in the traditional parade where children will receive the Three Wise Men arriving with horses and carriages distributing sweets and collecting the latest letters.

The Wise Men are, according to the New Testament, that Magi guided by a star, brought gifts to Jesus. These gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are considered originating in Europe, Asia and Africa respectively.

  • Melchior, the white king has his hair and beard long and completely white, was wearing a robe and a hyacinth color orange layer is of European origin, and made an offering of gold to Jesus. Despite being the youngest of the three kings looks older, since according to legend the infant Jesus punishment unnecessary to show his strength and youth.
  • Gaspar, king blonde is young, beautiful, has white skin and pink and brown hair, dressed as Melchior as the Gothic style, sporting a orange robe and a red cape, is of Asian origin, and make an offering of incense to Jesus.
  • Balthasar, the black king, dressed in the style of the Arabs, wearing a red robe and a white layer is of African origin, and its offering to Jesus was myrrh. In ancient icons do not appear as black as it was not synonymous with Christian and infidel not conceived a magician.

The Kings made their arrival in different ways in each town if arriving by boat on the coast (Barcelona, Tarragona, Roses, Escala ...), if you can get in a helicopter airport (El Prat de Llobregat and Reus) in other places reach by road, train or on foot (Lleida they get there in one year TGV).

In the Wise Men Night you have to go to bed early to make work more quietly to the Kings, and should, because the Kings know that there are children in a house, leaving a shoe for every child on the balcony.

Because the night is long, Kings and their camels have seven wins, why not leave a dish with water for the camels, and a plate with candies and a little champagne by kings as gratitude.



In Alcoy parade celebrates the state's oldest and probably the world, is first documented in 1866, but it was in 1885 when it acquired its defining characteristics. It's very colorful and is recognized as a festival of national tourist interest, kings and pages parade through the town, handing out gifts to children directly, by raising houses balconies with wooden stairs.


Then we leave the route of the procession of Girona:

Precavalcada A: 15.45h
Precavalcada B: 15.45h
Three Wise Men: 18.00

Tour: Walk the General Mendoza, Ultònia street, street Midi, Emili Grahït, Balmes Street Maragall Plaza Pompeu Fabra, Gran Via Jaume I, Avenue San Francesc, Plaza Catalonia, Plaza Verdaguer, climb Stone Bridge and Plaça del Vi.

Proclamation of Kings: 19.30 in the Plaça del Vi

Organized Manas Girona

Photo: AraGirona

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