Welcome to Girona10

The 23, 24 and 25 January Girona full of activities and offers a taste of all the events and shows that are held in the city throughout the year!

The fourth edition of Girona 10 comes hard and with more entries than ever! More than eleven thousand people have already signed up to draw the first day and there will be a total of 30 activities that can be made throughout the weekend from 23 to 25 January.

The Girona10, which is already a classic in the calendar of important events in the city, is one of the best ways to discover the cuisine and hospitality of Girona and the most important festivals and activities in the city.

The fourth edition comes full of new features: The process of allocation of places by lottery, the expansion of a day Vermouth and 10. In addition, since the Hospitality Association has highlighted the need to complete the tourist offer of the event with a program of activities to entertain and entertain visitors during that weekend.

If you did point to remember Girona 10 Wednesday January 14 will be held the draw and you'll know if you're one of the lucky 10 euros you can come and enjoy good food, entertainment and magnificent accommodation for exploring the city at the lowest low as possible!

To see the detailed program you can visit the website and do not let nothing escapes!

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