What's The Lioness Ass?

Many people know the tradition, but a few know the origin of the saying "can not be Girona neighbor who does not kiss The Lioness Ass."

In St. Fèlix Church of Girona, climbs a column the mythical lion who everyone wants to kiss its ass. They say that only doing this gesture, people who prints their lips in it ensure their next visit to the city or made to stay there to live forever.

According to the legend, around the XII century in the Calderers Street was "The Inn of the Lioness." As to this claim, embedded in the wall, there was a column which climbed a lioness. Anyone who walked by could touch her ass without any difficulty, and this action soon became a habit.

Whether rooted gesture, even those who visit the city are advised to touch her ass so that, if they did, never leave the city and return with any certainty. Over time, the practice was changed when, instead of touching her ass, someone came up to kiss it, which became the new trend shortly.

Finally, the guest column original disappeared and moved to Girona Art Museum in 1985, of which a copy was made that it stood at the foot of the stairs of the church San Felix, a strategic point of the Old Town of Girona.

Now you have to climb a ladder to approach the rear of the animal that tries to cling strongly to avoid falling column of stone. So you know the story, and if you are in Girona, this is a good way to ensure your next visit.

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