8 reasons to book with Girorooms

Tourist accommodations for summer vacations are a thing of the past! Now with Girorooms you can prepare your trip to Girona or study or work trip any day of the year. Secure online payment, bed linen, free Wi-Fi and ideal location. 

  1. Because we work to make your stay as pleasant as possible. If you do not know your holiday destination, it is normal for you to worry about what you will find on arrival. Girorooms makes it easy for you, we prioritize contact with the customer and in our images, blog, texts and social networks you can inform about the area and what you can do. As an extra we can guarantee that you will always be close to restaurants, pharmacies, shopping centers and Wi-Fi networks.
  2. We accept children in all the accommodations! And they will like to stay in a tourist apartment because it provides the warmth and privacy of a home, you can siesta, breastfeed, cook your menus and bottles, diaper changes, baths ... everything is easier and Spacious, not counting the annoying noises you find in more massive spaces. The Girorooms apartments have travel beds, high chairs, baths for your children for a very reasonable price.
  3. Book fast and securely on our website for online payment. Your data with Girorooms will be well kept.
  4. Staying in a tourist apartment provides great freedom. Your meals do not depend on the hours of the establishment and you will be the one who buys and cook what you eat.
  5. You will save ... and this money-saving will be able to re-invest in activities or other purchases ... or a dinner in that fantastic restaurant recommended for all! And if you come without a recommendation do not worry, we encourage you to discover it yourself!
  6. A Girorooms tourist apartment is fully equipped with bed linen, towels, wifi and heating, kitchen and closet. Whether you prepare a surprise escape as if you are going for a special event, business trip ... Take the suitcase and come!
  7. Give away experiences! Staying in our tourist apartments you can book before our arrival our guided tours and other complementary services.
  8. Everyone is welcome. Travelers, sportsmen, families, workers, students and lovers, big and small.