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Cycling flats in Girona Spain

Girona Cycling Stay

The city is part of the DTE brand (Sports Tourism Destination) that is positioned in Girona as an ideal tourist destination for athletes and adapts to the needs of professionals who seek to carry out their training and improve their technical and physical performance. Ryder Hesjedal, Sam Bewley, Luke Durbridge, David Millar ... They know it well: Girona is one of the best destinations for cyclists. And if you're on this page, it's that you know it too ... And it's true! but we do not want to see you lost, we want that when you arrive, you feel safe and willing to enjoy your stay. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to inform you about the services for cyclists that you can find in the city!

El Gironès is a region with a past and cultural heritage: vestiges of prehistory with vineyards, volcanoes, ancient lakes and sanctuaries, Roman walls and roads, medieval villages ... Our gastronomy and D.O. They are of excellent quality

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Local products, small Romanesque churches hidden in the middle of nowhere, traces of men from the past, small towns without cars or time stops, or historic cities with charming shops and museums. Go shopping or relax in the old neighborhood of Girona with a beer without alcohol, all the options are good!